Sonntag, 5. April 2015

How much wifi connections can a Raspberry Pi allow AND serve simultaneously?

Raspberry Pi (old model; not the Raspberry Pi 2 one) has been practically approved to serve simultaneously a maximum of 35 Android tablets over WiFi, without errors.


Look at this:
The result was, as reported there, this:

We were unable to swamp the Pi server or its wireless connection
even with 35 tablets connecting to it simultaneously.

Inexpensive Android devices, which have been proliferating through the developing world, serve as excellent client devices to connect to a Pi access point. How does the Pi hold up to the task of serving a classroom full of tablet users over a single wifi dongle? We had been warned that a small number of wifi clients would likely swamp the connection, so last week we put it to the test.
The Raspberry Pi/Wi-Pi combo held up smoothly, with 35 tablets simultaneously
navigating through the KA Lite web interface and streaming Khan Academy videos.

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