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e.g. Tanzania: last mile challenges

Last mile connectivity issues facing Tanzania National ICT backbone

Faith J. Shimba, The Institute of Finance Management
Shaban Pazi, The Institute of Finance Management
Daniel Koloseni, The Institute of Finance Management


In order to close the digital gap amongst its citizens and with other countries, Tanzania decided to invest in building National ICT backbone. National ICT backbone (NICTBB) will act as facilitating instrument to other economic sectors and to e-government initiatives. Despite these promises offered by NICTBB, last mile connectivity agenda has not been addressed adequately. Thus, this paper addresses last mile connectivity issue and suggest workable solutions to the issues.
The study employed interview, semi- structured questionnaire and discussion forums for primary data collection. Literature review served as secondary source of data. The study found that, last mile connectivity is entirely depending on international connections and National ICT backbone connections. Following connection of NICTBB to SEACOM and EASSY, the international bandwidth costs was reduced by 88%. Further, the international bandwidth capacity was increased by 15 times which is still underutilized. With regard to NICTBB connections, the internet bandwidth cost was reduced to more than 30%. The study further found that, mobile wireless is the most affordable and preferred last mile connectivity. We recommend that, NICTBB should be fully deployed in semi – urban and rural areas to enable easy last mile connections. Government should regulate internet services in order to control internet bandwidth charges. We further call upon Tanzanian government to subsidize prices for leasing internet wired lines, cable and wireless modem to access internet from ISPs through wired or wireless connections.

Suggested Citation

Faith J. Shimba, Shaban Pazi, and Daniel Koloseni. "Last mile connectivity issues facing Tanzania National ICT backbone" The International Conference on E-Technologies and Business on the Web (EBW2013); Conference proceeding (2013).

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