Dienstag, 21. April 2015

openEMR on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B in combination with a 500GB USB.HDD

Inside, there is hidden a complete EMR administration system. The cigarettebox is only 4 measurement demo purpose, not 4 smoking....

- Raspberry Pi 2B
- 500 GB USB.HDD
- powercable
- WiFi USB.stick with antenna

  • Note: It's an idea, a concept  but not a product! 
  • power supply needs some push
  • USB-contacts seem not to be too stable, so soldering might be a solution here, regarding
  • conditions in dev. world

The system is working as a complete autonomous stand-alone WiFi-system solution. It can support simultaneously some rooms nearby in a normal building. - You just need a "tablet-pc", a smartphone or any WiFi-driven gadget and connect to wifi SSID:, then typing in browser the same and you will have instant access to your OpenEMR-system. It needs only about 4-5 watts/h, so it can be made in some way "out of the box". Put it in your briefcase - and secure it :). Solar powering is also an option, because 12 V is enough to operate the whole complex.... Grid in dev.countries often produces high voltage peaks, up to 1.000 V. This will destroy most electronic devices..

At a 1st glance, it works like a charme.. 
Very interesting 4 ICT4D applications, i think.

just a little insight
Here, a how-to tutorial, resp., how-i did it. You can do, but this will need some time. You may collaborate with any google account.

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