Sonntag, 5. April 2015 - has started! Drones will do EMULE working

What is the weigth of data? Physically near nothing.... but... information is as important as physical goods...too....

I ask myself, whether Matternet (Matternet ONE) can also transport 231 resp. 41 grams of oder even stick DATA only?  And how far the quadro Matternet ONE can fly? 40 km? 60 km?

Modell/SerieHDTB320EK3CA Canvio Basic
Artikelgewicht231 g
Produktabmessungen7,9 x 11,9 x 2,1 cm
Formfaktor2.5 Inches
Bildschirmgröße2.5 Zoll
Größe Festplatte2000 GB
FestplatteninterfaceSerial ATA-300

Artikelgewicht41 g
Produktabmessungen9,3 x 2,5 x 0,8 cm

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