Samstag, 21. März 2015

Another data mule system: EL PAQUETE SEMENAL in Cuba

El Paquete Semanal ("The Weekly Package") or El Paquete is a one terabyte collection of digital material distributed since around 2014 on the underground market in Cuba as a substitute for broadband Internet.[1]

The most popular content is TV series, soap operas, music and the illegal classifieds but it also contains films, video clips, Spanish language news websites, computer technology websites, instructional videos and advertisements for local Cuban businesses. Most buyers requests only certain parts of the Package which may sell for as little as $1 US.[1]

At the beginning of 2015 it was still unknown who complied the material or from where it was obtained.[1] Some have theorized that the lack of pornographic material and anti-government views in the package may indicate the Cuban government is involved in its production. [2]

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